Sixth Grade

6th Language Arts is aligned with The Archdiocese of Louisville Curriculum.  Concepts include: writing structure and conventions (narrative, exposition, descriptive, and persuasive) and novel projects (a variety of presentation techniques that help students practice oral presentation skills).

6th Math is aligned with the Archdiocese of Louisville Curriculum. Concepts include: exponents, fractions, decimals, Algebra, percent/ratios, and Geometry.

Middle School Faculty & Staff:

Mrs. Erin Harmon — 6H Homeroom; English and Language Arts

Mrs. Christina Sengelaub — 6S Homeroom; History

Ms. Jennifer Giangarra - 7G Homeroom; STEM Teacher (PS-8)

Mr. Joseph Todisco — 7T Homeroom; Religion

Ms. Christina Ashley — 8A Homeroom; Pre-Algebra and Algebra I

Mrs. Katie Reisenberg— 8R Homeroom; Science