Second Grade

English Language Arts: Students in 2nd grade will learn consonant blends, spelling patterns, compound words, sentence structure.  To be prepared for 3rd grade, second graders will also work on setting, sequencing of events in a story, writing about a story, and using context clues to enhance vocabulary.

Religion: Students will understand the order of Mass and understand the theology of the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Math: Students will focus on addition and subtraction facts, comparing and ordering numbers, telling time and counting money.

Social Studies: The content for Social Studies includes living and working in communities, first Americans, communities around the World, and government today.

Science: Curriculum includes living and non living things, survival needs for plants and animals, natural resources, and Earth and sky.

Second Grade Faculty & Staff:

Mrs. Connie Byers — 2B Teacher

Mrs. Shea Rutledge — 2R Teacher