The goal of kindergarten is for each child to enjoy activities that foster learning and will enhance their development spiritually, socially, intellectually and physically.

Religion: A developmental age appropriate program based on scripture and rooted in the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Language Arts: A development of awareness of speech and letter sound relationships and applying this to reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Math: A focus on numerical fluency, conceptual understanding and problem solving developing basic skills to identify patters, graphs, money, time, addition and subtraction.

Science: Kindergarten focuses on motion, living and non-living things, and the Earth and sky.

Social Studies: Students learn about the world and people around us.

Special Activities: Some special events in kindergarten include field trips, making applesauce in the classroom, a Thanksgiving feast, the Christmas nativity play, Holy Thursday reenactment, raising butterflies and growing flowers.

Kindergarten Faculty & Staff:

Mrs. Melody Miller — KM Teacher

Mr. Thomas Carrier — KC Teacher

Mrs. Whitney Childs — Kindergarten Assistant