1st grade

First Grade

Goals and Expectations: We strive to build a classroom culture where literacy is valued. Students will gain the skills and knowledge to become independent readers as well as writers. We teach to the whole child, focusing on their social development as well as their academic development. Students learn how to become problem solvers in math and science as well as in their everyday lives. Religion is not just a subject, but woven throughout our curriculum and in our daily conversations.

Religion: Developing student faith through the four pillars of Catholic doctrine: what Catholics believe, how Catholics worship, how Catholics live, and how Catholics pray.

Language Arts: Deliberate and thoughtful instruction of the routines and rituals of small and whole group instruction play a big role in our literacy instruction. Thinking, inquiry, collaboration, and student independence is nurtured as students work to become independent readers and writers.

Math: Providing students with problem solving, reasoning, and algebra skills to complete mathematical tasks.

Science: Using interactive science to nurture the inquisitive side of student learning.

Social Studies: Students will learn about how different families and communities work together.

Special Activities in first grade include a Christmas Music Concert and a Spring Play.

First Grade Faculty & Staff:

Mrs. Melissa Campbell — 1C Teacher

Mrs. Natalie Carney — 1N Teacher